Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome home Kaiyin... the video!

Thanks to Kaiyin's Uncle Jeff for putting together this video for us. It gives you a glimpse into our journey and as you can see we had a homecoming that was like something out of a dream. It was amazing!

Please allow a few minutes for video to load on slower connections.

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  1. Welcome home guys! She is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your special time with her! Congratulations!

  2. ok. elmira...
    i am literally CRYING my eyes out.
    this video is amazing....and when they handed YOUR DAUGHTER to heart melted...
    I know that I didn't have as many issues and my road wasn't nearly as long, but, I really felt your relief as they put Kaiyin in your arms.
    And the joy surrounded your home...I am speechless...
    I wish you so much love...what a lucky little girl...and worth the wait,I am sure.

  3. Congrats Guys!!! This video is great! I can't wait to meet her. You make a beautiful family!!! =)


  4. That is a great video. Been thinking about you guys. Hope things are going well.

    Karen Pickard

  5. Congratulations!! Can't wait to meet your Ethiopian beauty !! Blessings from Above!!
    with love the Couch family

  6. AMAZING!! I'm with Sara...tears started welling up in my eyes when they walked your precious gift out to you and Steve and placed her in your arms. What a trip?!! Thank you for sharing a little piece of it with us. I can't wait to meet her and teach you guys some massage for her. Congratulations to your wonderful family!!

  7. I bawled like a baby watching your video ... Hannah was on my lap as I watched it and she kept clapping the whole time like she knew what was going on! ;) Such an amazing time and I am so glad we got to share it all with you (and youw with us!!) Many blessings to you!!

  8. Oh, Emira and Steve,
    This video stands apart. It was an intimate invitation into your heart and family. I wept as you drew her into your arms at the first meeting--to see that!--what an honor!--got to see that bottle, and then the little cheek squeezies with Daddy's precious love--oh, my!! Thank you, thank you, dear Lord.
    May God bless Kaiyin with His loving Presence and Glory all the days of her life. Love, Gillian