Monday, August 24, 2009

We're Traveling!

As I sit here, we are 4 days away from traveling to Ethiopia to bring Kaiyin home! It's so exciting and just totally surreal. We have spent the past few weeks making lists, packing, nesting, and frequenting Target. I think we're ready! As ready as anyone can be anyway. The items in the picture are just part of the things we packed in the 4 suitcases we're taking with us! It's crazy! Several people have asked about our travel itinerary so I'm going to post it. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. We would just love to have a safe and healthy trip so that we can really enjoy our first few days with our little girl. This will probably be my last post before I have a baby in the house! I can't wait to tell you all about her!

  • Friday, April 28th- Depart Nashville at 2:17pm, arrive at JFK Airport in New York at 6:15pm.

  • Depart JFK at 11:00pm for Dubai. Arrive in Dubai at 7:45pm on Saturday, April 29th. Spend the night in Dubai.

  • Depart Dubai at 8:25am on Sunday, April 30th. Arrive into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 11:30am on Sunday, the 30th.

  • Depart Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 7:35pm on Friday, September 4th. Arrive in Dubai at 12:45am.

  • Depart Dubai at 2:00am. Arrive into JFK Airport at 7:45am on Saturday, September 5th.

  • Depart JFK on Delta flight #6489 at 3:25pm. Arrive in Nashville at 5:10pm on September 5th. :)


  1. Enjoy your journey...every step of the way as it literally brings you closer and closer to your precious daughter! How exciting?!! I can't wait to meet her and please please please call me if you need anything.

  2. My mom and I are on the flights with you from Dubai to Addis and then from Addis to JFK on the way home. Can't wait to meet you.

  3. awesome. just awesome.
    i will be praying for you...
    can't wait to see her in her home!

  4. Awesome!! Who did you book through? I am just in the process. We are set to leave Sept 12th. You have to give me suggestions after you get home. Praying for you and precious Kaiyin!!!!!!!

  5. AWESOME!!!! We are praying for you guys!!


  6. are you home safe and sound??
    I am obsessively checking your blog for updates and pictures!

  7. Hey Steve and Elmira! I keep checking your blog for an update. How are things with Kaiyin? I'm sure you have your hands full right now! I totally understand. I'll keep on my persistent blog stalking. HA!