Friday, August 7, 2009

Update on Kaiyin

Last week we received our monthly update on Kaiyin. Every month they give us a few more pictures of her, answer some questions that we have asked, and give us updated measurements and developmental information. I soooo wish I could post the pictures we just received of her! She is so precious! I could just suck her little cheeks off! I promise to post them as soon as we pass court so that you guys can put a face to the name. She is doing great! We're told she was healthy all month. She has gained 3 pounds and now weighs 11 pounds. She's also grown in length by over an inch. She's officially going to be taller than me when she's 5. :) She's eating well, trying to hold her head up when she's on her belly, and smiles when the nannies make funny noises for her. There's nothing better than knowing that she is healthy and happy and based on the pictures and information we received, it sounds like both of those things are true.

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  1. so wonderful to hear! she sounds so precious! are you coming to the ET FG on the 16th? be sure to bring pics.......we'd still love for you to come to dinner! :))