Monday, June 8, 2009

My first Mother's Day and more fundraising!

Well, we're now officially 10 months into our 9-11 month wait! It's getting close and it's getting a little harder!! Every time my cell phone rings with a number I don't immediately recognize, my heart starts racing. It's hard not to wake up in the morning and wonder if today is the day we get to hear who our little girl is and see her picture. Luckily I'm married to a precious man who listens to me and finds projects for me to work on to keep my mind busy. I also remind myself frequently that it will happen when it's meant to happen and that in the meantime Steve and I need to enjoy our time together as a couple before little Miss Kaiyin gets here. Well, enough about that! Let's talk about the fun stuff!! May was another awesome month! I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day! My gorgeous cousin, Nazly, bought me my first ever Mother's Day gift! Even though I'm an "expecting mom", I wasn't really expecting to celebrate Mother's Day this year and then in she walks with a beautifully wrapped present. She bought Kaiyin a Burberry jacket!! It's so sweet. I sneak into her closet every now and then and just peak at it. It's awesome!! Then I got home and Steve had flowers, a beautiful card and a Pottery Barn Kids gift card for me! You know I'm already hooked on that store! It was so fun to go shopping for Kaiyin's room! Burberry and shopping?!?-being a mommy is fun!!

We also had a garage sale fundraiser at the beginning of May. It's another great story! It was the weekend of our neighborhood garage sale and the one weekend that I was out of town! Steve said that he would go ahead and do it on his own. Lots of friends and neighbors had donated great items for the sale and our garage was full!! The weekend rolled around and it rained all day the first day. Steve didn't even get to set up. The second morning started out with some rain too and things were not looking good but you know better than to think that's where it ends! The skies cleared just enough to allow a few hours of great garage sale fundraising! Our neighbors knew I was out of town and came out to help Steve all morning! They are so awesome! We're so lucky to live next door to these amazing people! The sale only lasted 3 hours until the rain moved back in but we raised $1000 in those 3 hours!! We were blown away!! Thanks to everyone who helped, donated, and shopped! Like I said, it was another great month. Hopefully the next time you hear from us it will be because we got our referral and we can tell you more about Kaiyin. :)