Thursday, April 2, 2009

A month full of love!

Well, we're officially 8 months into our wait and it's been an amazing month! We started fundraising this month and as you can see, everyone is "showing some love". We have literally been brought to tears by the kindness shown to us this month. People who love us have obviously stepped up in a huge way but we've also been shown kindness from people who don't know us all that well, and we even had a little one come to us with a fist full of change "for Kaiyin". It's been awesome! We've almost sold out of the 100 t shirts we ordered and have had to place another order. There is really no way to say thank you for all the support. We hope that one day we can show each and every one of you the love that we've been shown over the past month. Love you so much, Elmira and Steve.